YOYOPOP is artistic duo, Miche and Trev.
Having had successful careers in the media industry they now aspire to break free and purse unbridled creative expression while establishing a direct connection with their audience.

YOYOPOP challenges conventional perceptions, believing that "anything can be anything" seeking playful and uniques moments within the mundane by leveraging Web3 technology to build authentic communities and work along side talented artists that resonates with their work.

Both artists draw on their own experiences with mental health challenges, highlighting the transformative power of art.
They embrace digital tools and processes, aligning with the recognition of digital art as a legitimate form.

They continue the legacy of Pop Art, fusing digital medium with traditional art to creating unique digital collages that challenge our perception of the world around us.

Be apart of their next phase of their artist journey as they explore the potential of Web3, while celebrating playful expression and the joy of discovery.